designing & implementing  your social media marketing strategy so you don’t have to!

Your                        depends on it

You've             to find time to put down your phone.



Build your business community and be where your feet are.

Let’s lift this weight off your chest!

It’s no secret that having a presence on social is absolutely necessary for your business to remain relevant today. As your business grows, it’s becoming more and more impractical to give it 100%, and also “feed the algorithm.”

Every time you open the app to post, you’re lost in the seas of comparison, ever-changing rules, and the mindless scroll. Your work deserves a fresh spotlight, but your mental health is suffering because of it.

You deserve more

than just a day away from the app.

Your family is READY to have your undivided attention again. Your business can continue THRIVING without the screen-time headache.

It’s time to renew your passion for WHY you started this business!

I can’t wait to design & implement a social media strategy that takes you from weary to well, and from cross-eyed to connected.

i'm ready for this

basically everything you need


i need this!


A monthly 1:1 collaboration call, where we discuss the last month’s performance of your social channels, and ideas for the upcoming month!

I believe this call is where the magic happens - letting you share your brilliance and passion behind your business inspires me to create a killer social media plan for you!


A personalized strategy that targets YOUR business’ social media goals. My packages are not one-size-fits-all. . .

Because not everyone has the same goal in mind!

Weekly community engagement:
Likes, comments, and replies to engage your current social community and strategic outreach to broaden it even more!




What's Included

These three key things are necessary to optimize my client's social media success.
That's why each of my packages include:

meet Susie

Hi, I'm susie |  social media manager

A creative dreamer with a passion for social media wellness

I started Built Social Studio to have a more flexible schedule so that I could spend more time with my kiddos. After a few months, I realized I was headed straight toward the same burnout I had just fled from in the classroom as a 1st grade teacher.

I knew there had to be a way - a system - to use my work time efficiently, grow my business, but also set my phone down with my family, giving them my undivided attention.

I genuinely believe I’ve found that balance, and I so badly want it for you too!

i want to know more!

listen here


Each week, learn how to maximize your business growth using social media and video marketing....

without the burnout.

listen now

To anyone considering working with Built, expect nothing but professionalism!
Susie is an expert at what she does and can handle any curveball.
I now have happier customers & more time to focus on my zone of genius!

Kim | Kim Perry Co.

Susie's planning and strategizing will take the phone out of your hands so that you have time to spend on your business or with your family - whatever is important to you.

Aimee | VBA Wellness

If you are truly ready to use social media in your marketing, work with Susie. She knows her stuff and is great to work with. She makes it easy and really takes the time to get to know you and your ideal clients.

Jamie | Jamie Richelle Designs

People are constantly telling me how present and interactive my account is - and that truly is all Susie! She has allowed me to let go of the stress of social and just focus on my business and a full client experience.

She has also helped me to gain not only my first contracted client through Instagram, but I have signed contracts with SO many people who found me organically on the app.

Not to mention she is SUCH a kindred and wonderful spirit! Susie seriously has become one of my business bffs, and I am so thankful for her!

madi | photographer, mmh media

Kind words